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Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways to secure account access. It presents an extra obstacle, another layer of complexity to unauthorized account access.

You have the ability to enforce multi factor authentication either via email-2FA or via Google Authenticator for your user account, or you could just enable/disable it for your user account.

By default, email-2FA is enabled when you create a new user account. The code would be sent to your email. In case, if you don’t see the email in inbox, please do check spam or junk folder.

Additionally, you could Create Backup 2FA Login Codes which would be useful if you are not able to login via email-2FA or Google Authenticator. This code would be displayed only once (which you need to store somewhere safe) and could be used only once to verify your login.

In order to enable/disable email-2FA or Google Authenticator for your user account, you could do so by checking/unchecking the relevant option (toward the end of the page) in your ‘Account Profile‘ as show below.

Sometimes, our emails are landed in spam or junk folder. Please do not forget to check these folders. If you find the email there, please do not forget to mark them safe or not spam so that you could receive emails from us directly in the inbox in future.

In case, if you still don’t see any emails from us, please contact us immediately.

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